About Us

Alexandria Research Center for Adaptation to Climate Change (ARCA) was established in 2011 through a research project funded by the IDRC-Canada. It is intended as a sustainable outstanding hub for policy-relevant integrated climate change adaptation, supporting capacities for researchers, as well as, promoting knowledge sharing and experience exchange.

ARCA Vision

A centre of excellence for integrated policy-relevant climate change adaptation research, promoting knowledge sharing and experience exchange

ARCA Mission

Establish a multidisciplinary and rigorous hub for climate change adaptation research to support cross-cutting decision and policy making.

ARCA Specific objectives

  • Institutional capacities for research developed: through the development of management structures and plans, an evaluation framework and partnerships and networks
  • Competent research capacities supported: through studentship awards, technical and research skill training workshops, and mentoring
  • Enabling effective policy-research interface supported: through analysis of research needs for policy makers, capacity building and networking and communications.
  • Conducting rigorous research to support knowledgeable decision/ policy making: through a small grants project and core research on the economics of adaptation


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