Egypt is amongst the developing and vulnerable countries that is already facing the impacts of climate change in the region.

ARCA brings the many disciplines for open critical inquiry of climate change and development research issues.

As a research hub, ARCA aims to improve knowledge and foster

strategies that advance the sustainability.

ARCA research objectives:

  • To create an integrated approach to climate change research.
  • To support decision/policy making process.
  • To provide better understanding and devise measures to deal with climate change economics in general and economics of adaptation in particular.

ARCA research fields encompasses but are not limited to:

  • Vulnerability assessment of climate change in the Nile Delta region.
  • Socioeconomic profiling of the Nile Delta coastal zone.
  • Economic valuation of climate change impacts and Sea level rise.
  • Adaptation options to climate change impacts.

Available and awarded research grants:

The following research grants were awarded within the past five years:

  1. Assessment of vulnerability and adaptation to sea level rise for the Egyptian coastal lakes
  2. Patterns of diversity and climate change in a Mediterranean transitional Zone
  3. Investigating the effect of sea level rise on buildings and infrastructure and the suggested preventive measures
  4. Vulnerability of animal production to high ambient temperature and possible adaptation options under Egyptian conditions
  5. Downscaling sea level rise in the Mediterranean Sea under different future climate change scenarios (2065-2100)
  6. Towards Sustainable Potato Production under Climate Change Conditions.