Workshop: Stakeholder Engagement and Participatory Climate Adaptation Alexandria, 29-30 April 2018

Within its capacity building, ARCA organized a two day workshop entitled “Stakeholder Engagement and Participatory Climate Adaptation” on 29-30 April, in Alexandria. The workshop was attended by researchers and officials from different governmental organization.  The workshop aimed to enhance the participants’ conceptual understanding of stakeholder engagement and participation in context of climate adaptation strategies. The participants were engaged in different group work activities to learn-by-doing how to facilitate the engagement with different stakeholders.

The two day workshop addressed the following topics:

  • Participation and Stakeholder Engagement Reasons and Motives
  • Stakeholder Mapping, Clustering, and Impact Ranks
  • Techniques and Pitfalls: Problem Tree Exercises and Collaborative Matrix Scoring
  • Facilitation Skills
  • Community-Grounded Climate Adaptation and Social Vulnerability Assessments
  • Documentation and Managing Stakeholder Processes